Greg (bleedingheart) wrote in kings_island,

Paramount name being slowly removed

According to some people who have been to Kings Island have said they heard announcements that just call the park Kings Island nothing with Paramount was ever mentioned.

So it looks like they are burying the paramount name
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i was there 2 days ago.

i didn't notice any changes. but i did notice a lot of things that they might have to change. one thing being that waste-of-space history of paramount section.
Well they heard it over announcements while there and something near the entrance turnstyle or whatever they call them things a little sign says welcome to Kings Island
I'm sure they'll keep it Kings Island. Unless Cedar Faire wants to buy Paramount Studios Too, they'll have to change it. Kinda like when Six Flags bought Marriots Great America in 81. Marriot still has a business, and so does Paramount.
It was Kings Island before Paramount bought it.

I had a friend who worked at KI before Paramount bought the park and afterwards, you had to say Welcome to Paramount's Kings Island. It was Paramount this and that. We have always just called it Kings Island.