Greg (bleedingheart) wrote in kings_island,

As of last night/early this morning

I bleedingheart with permission from indeed311 have taken control of this community,he no longer wanted it so i asked and he gave it to me. I used to own this comm awhile ago anyway.I have made a few changes to the Community nothing drastic yet with the Paramount Parks under Cedarfair ownership now, i will put a link to cross promote My cedarpoint community in User Info.

What is everyones thoughts on Cedarfair buying the Paramount Parks?
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Don't really know, I've heard mixed comments. I just hope they don't take out my favorite ride in the water park.
I for one am excited, I cant wait for the change. It's just more great parks added to my season pass for Cedar Point. Put it this way, I have a pass for Cedar Point (260 miles away) and not for Six Flags (20 min away) I guess I know what I like.