man on the brink (84glyde) wrote in kings_island,
man on the brink

Boomerang Bay blues

I've been going to the KI waterpark regularly since '98. That's when they added a "Flowrider" surfing ride to the attractions. Whenever I talk to managers, I make this clear: the flowrider is the only reason I continue to buy a season pass. I, and others, like it that much. So we're understandably upset whenever the waterpark is closed early, like it has been the past two days, only 4 days into the operating season. We understand this, but it's made worse by adding insult to the injury. How, by park managers giving fictitious reasons for the early closing.

On Mon., a security guard stopped me after clearing the parking lot entrance, and said that the waterpark was closing early. As I left, I began contacting friends who might have been planning to spend the day there. One friend called back, he'd been in the park when the closing was announced. The reason cited was "chance of severe weather". While it was overcast, a quick check on the internet confirmed no severe weather forecast, only rain. As it happened, the rain came 4 hours later.

Today, I heard again that the park closed early. I hadn't planned to go there, but passed by and saw few cars in the lot. It was a clear, beautiful day, but a bit nippy for a day outside in a waterpark. So with the weather conditions, I was surprised to hear the reason for the closing as "inclement weather". Huh? I thot that mean bad weather, like storms and such. No, it was too cool, so they were going to close early.

In reality, low attendance was the reason for closing early on both days. When Paramount ran things, they would often close the park early if they didn't have a certain number of guests in the park by a set time of the day. Oh yeah, we grumbled about it since we'd set aside a day to be there, but we also understood that they had a business that had to make money. That approach was far superior to the lies we're handed today along with the insult that we can't see through them.
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